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Pinprick at 20 Twenty

  • You can now buy pinprick baby gear at an honest-to-goodness store! 20 Twenty is a vintage men's, women's and children's shop in dowtown Ballard, WA (across the street from the tractor tavern). Along with carrying a variety of vintage clothes for everyone in the family, they also carry vintage and new accessories, jewelry and art by local artists. If you're in seattle, you should check it out.
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    Tues--Sat: 12-8 Sun: 11-5 Closed Mon
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    5208 Ballard Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107-4808 206-706-0969


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i need to get a day job.


my mom taught me everything i know when i was about 7. that year i learned about the birds and the bees, embroidery, and picked up my favorite swear words. the house i grew up in was strange and wonderful, and everything i do comes from that, essentially. i was encouraged to read voraciously, learn about everything i could, and that art was important. i also think the line between art and craft should be pushed more often, and while i use traditional techniques and materials in my work, i don't stick to traditional motifs. among my designs you'll see things that have influenced me: sailors, my native american and portuguese background, tattoos, feminism, popular culture, the women in my family, and rock and roll music. my goal is to create things that aren't just beautiful, but also useful. form and function should be best friends. i love art on the wall as much as anyone, but i would rather have my art be useful. yes, i suppose you could hang my dishtowels on the wall, but they are much more suited to cleaning up spills, and i think the wear and tear they endure makes them more beautiful.


being as crafty as i can be, painting, sewing, knitting, embroidering, making tea light holders out of empty beer cans, getting my cat to sit still long enough for me take picture #459 of him, sock monkey's, robots, the elusive thrift store victory, taking pictures, trying not to crash my computer, i think i could use a maid, and i want to meet boys with really great sideburns (think hyde from that 70's show).