> pinprick BABY gear (items for sale)

all the items on this page are for sale! all are original designs, created on 100% cotton and hand-embroidered by me. they feel as good as they look, with the embroidery adding a bit of a tactile sensation that babies and children enjoy. if you're as tired as i am of seeing babies dressed in kittens and duckies, only pinks and blues, then pinprick offers another option. baby gear that is smart, funny, original and will make the special baby in your life stand apart from the crowd. pinprick designs respects the traditions of the past, while making it our own. we're crafting the revolution. ***please note that unless otherwise stated what you see is what you get. if there's one in the photo, there's only one in stock, so if you order more than that, it may take up to two weeks for me to make some more. thanks!***

Orange monster
Pink tear
Pink tear detail
Shroom bib
Grumpy rainbow
Brown sleepy tears
Pinprick buttons