> pinprick DISHTOWELS (more items for sale!)

all dish towels on this page are traditional "flour sack" towels. thinner than kitchen towels you might be used to, and larger, they are extremely useful in the kitchen. at the turn of the twentieth century almost all baking was done in the home, and flour came in large cloth sacks. after the flour was gone, the sacks were cut into towels that were used in the kitchen (where we would usually use paper towels), and some were set aside and embroidered for use with company; those were known as "tea towels." mine are created in the same way, using traditional materials and techniques, but with a modern spin. all original designs and hand-embroidered on 100% cotton towels. if you see something you like, but would prefer in a different color, please let me know. ***please note that unless otherwise stated what you see is what you get. if there's one in the photo, there's only one in stock, so if you'd like to order more than that it make take up to two weeks for me to get them done. thanks!***

Pink variagated shitty
Gold and blue skully
Pinprick buttons
Kraken pins
Sad Stain #1
Wine stain
Ass Hankie
Shit Hankie
Red skull hankie
Blue anchor hankie
Skull with blue eyes